Course Operators: Join The Tour

Before you sign up with any other golf promotion… you must consider all the benefits of the Wisconsin Classic Golf Tour. After comparing what the Wisconsin Classic Golf Tour offers you versus what you get with other promotions… the Wisconsin Classic Golf Tour has to be your first choice! Compare the following with any promotion and you will find out why you need to be part of the Wisconsin Classic Golf Tour.



  • There is no out-of-pocket cost to participate.
  • We do not charge you an association fee to support our efforts.


  • We spend more than $125,000 in advertising and marketing support programs for your golf course.
  • We promote your course only to avid golfers.
  • We promote your golf course throughout the Midwest.
  • We don’t flood the market with free direct mail pieces with your discounts.
  • We don’t charge you to advertise your course as part of our promotion!

We allow you to decide what is best for your golf course

  • You choose the option of what Player’s Card discount you want to offer
  • You choose how many times you want to honor that discount
  • You choose the exact days and times you want to honor it
  • You choose the option of getting more rounds through the Membership Card Program

We know your golf course

  • We are independent marketers that promote golf in our own state
  • We don’t promote your golf course sitting in an office in some other state
  • We promote the courses we know and play

We support and promote golf by donating thousands of dollars in cash and golf packages

  • We support charities and organizations that book their outings at your golf course.
  • We help to make those outings more successful.
  • We help raise money for worthwhile causes.
  • We promote your golf course to those who organize these outings.

We deliver you a higher quality customer

  • Because we offer more top-rated, high-quality golf courses
  • Because we only promote golf
  • Because golfers pay for their memberships, they are not automatically included with a handicap card or some other promotion.

We deliver more customers

  • Golfers choose the courses they want to play; we know they will play your course.
  • You can offer multiple play options on the WCGT player’s discount card.

Our program is easy to administer and hassle-free

  • Detailed sign-up forms for less confusion
  • Professional follow up and materials are provided in a timely manner
  • Membership cards reduce the chance of fraudulent use of player’s discount card
  • Welcome kits with easy-to-follow instructions provided to all members
  • Details of your offer are clearly printed on all player cards
  • Updates are provided on a timely basis to each WCGT golf course

Download a course signup form: [ Click Here To Download Form ]

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